Saung Budaya

Founded with the goal of introducing Indonesian culture to the Indonesian-American youth residing here in the New York area, and more generally, to introduce this culture to the wider public. The group has dance not only in NYC, but also upstate New York and New Jersey.

We ask for your commitment and dedication to learning different styles of Indonesian Dances.

There is a one-time registration fee of $20 which includes one month of dance classes! To insure your commitment, instead of asking for a per-class fee, we ask for a monthly fee of $25 (regardless if you take 1 class or all 4) which is good for:

A month of Indonesian Dance Class taught by Amalia Suryani

An opportunity to take classes with Saung Budaya Company Members

A chance to audition for Saung Budaya’s Annual Show (must actively take part in rehearsals)

And the exciting chance to perform in a Showcase/Recital in front of your friends and family in July 2012


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